Shopping in a store - like, physically going to a store

Online searches helped in-store traffic jump nearly two-thirds in the U.S. on Black Friday, per Google data that attempted to draw a correlation between online searches and in-store visits. The extra information aims to help consumers make the connection between what they search for online and travel into the stores to purchase.

Google reports that store foot traffic jumped 65% on Black Friday compared with an average weekend day in November. Clothing stores and toy stores saw more than double the foot traffic on Black Friday compared with an average weekend day in November.

Finding business and services near you

Hands-free technology promises to change mobile marketing as more and more consumers rapidly come to rely on their mobile devices for everything from booking a table at their favorite restaurant to conducting banking transactions. Earlier this year, a report noted that the smartphones penetration rate in the U.S. was closing in on 80%. Specifically, around 79.3% of mobile subscribers in the U.S. who were at least 13 years old owned a smartphone.

Geotargeting is the practice of delivering content to a consumer - via mobile or web - using geographic location information about that individual. At a basic level, a business can restrict its reach to consumers only located in a defined geographic area such as a state or a city.Click here to read more.